Oct. 8 Winter Wind Concert: BARRON RYAN
September 23, 2017
Oct 1 Winter Wind Concert: Ari Hest
September 24, 2017
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2017-2018 Winter Wind Concert Series Schedule


Jazz in June 


2017-2018 Winter Wind Concerts

All Events are at The Depot, 200 S. Jones, Norman
Visit www.normandepot.org or phone 405 307-9320 for more information

Oct. 8, Winter Wind/Jazz in June Collaborative Concert, Barron Ryan, 7:00 pm, $20

As the son of two musicians, Barron Ryan grew up in a house filled with the sounds of artists ranging
from Chopin to James Brown. Not content to draw on just one influence in finding his own artistic
voice, Barron combines them all into a musical adventure that is vintage yet fresh, historical yet hip.
His discovery of the joy of jazz and ragtime-inspired concert music can be found on his debut album,
Classical with Attitude, and his learning from great jazz pianists is found on his new album, The
Master’s Apprentice. Classic meets cool with OU graduate and solo pianist Barron Ryan.

Oct. 15, Winter Wind Concert, Terri Hendrix & Lloyd Maines, 7:00 pm, $20

Grammy winner Terri Hendrix, joined by Lloyd Maines, will bring her genre-jumping music and
charismatic stage presence to the intimate Winter Wind setting. A classically trained vocalist and deft
multi-instrumentalist (guitar, mandolin and harmonica), Hendrix is a firm believer in the theory that
“life’s too short for one genre,” dodging musical pigeonholes alongside legendary producer Lloyd
Maines (guitar, dobro, pedal steel), in an eclectic style all her own. “ … She is the consummate triple
threat, excelling as a songwriter, performer and recording artist… she seems equally comfortable with
blues, folk, story songs, ballads, folk-rock, country and a surprisingly fresh take on New Orleans-style
jazz and jazz swing” says Jim Lipson in Tucson Weekly. https://www.terrihendrix.com/

Oct. 22, Winter Wind Concert, Beppe Gambetta, 7:00 pm, $20

Beppe Gambetta has an open and disarming smile that invites you into a musical journey which reveals
the innermost feelings of a brilliant, playful mind that is always exploring and innovating. While
continually composing a mosaic of sounds and flavors drawn from his unique background as an Italian
musician in love with American roots music and the music of Italy, Beppe still stays firmly rooted in
tradition. He has released eleven CD’s, and has collaborated with many top-flight musicians and heros
of the folk scene, played in prestigious festivals and rooms, and has toured the world to charm music
enthusiasts everywhere. Beppe is one of the true master innovators of the acoustic guitar.

Nov. 12, Winter Wind Concert, Goodnight Moonshine, 7:00 pm, $20

Goodnight Moonshine is Molly Venter’s latest musical project, a collaboration with her husband Eben
Pariser. Co-writing often, Eben and Molly explore what it means to be in an authentic relationship,
singing of joy and grief in equal measure. Molly’s voice bends from a sweet moan to a gritty shout and
back into a playful run in the space of a few bars and “it all goes down like silk,” writes American
Songwriter Magazine; “few singers turn first time listeners into eternal fanatics as effortlessly as Molly
Venter.” The emotional potency of her voice is surrounded and supported by a lush landscape of
harmonies and minimalist orchestrations conceived by Eben on vocals and electric guitar.

Nov. 19 Winter Wind/Jazz in June Collaborative Concert, Davis Coen, 7:00 pm, $20

Davis Coen characterizes his style as ‘contemporary country-blues’…a modern culmination of the
hodgepodge of musical influences absorbed from living in the Mid-Southern U.S. and continual
touring. His recordings are strongly rooted in blues, country and religious-based music. He has played
festivals, clubs, and bars throughout the U.S. for over twenty years and has enjoyed a dozen blues
circuit tours of Europe, sharing bills with R.L. Burnside, Koko Taylor, Big Jack Johnson, David
“Honeyboy” Edwards & Bo Diddley. Coen has also headlined on festival bills with Wynton Marsalis,
Leon Russell, Bonnie Raitt, Tito Puente, Toots & the Maytals, and Richie Havens. Come hear Coen’s
‘Memphis Country Blues.’ www.daviscoen.com/

Dec. 3, Winter Wind Concert, Harpeth Rising, 7:00 pm, $20

Unapologetic genre-benders, Harpeth Rising fuses Folk, Newgrass, Rock and Classical into something
organically unique. These are three classically trained musicians playing original music, as intricately
arranged as a string quartet, lyrically rooted in the singer/songwriter tradition, and wrapped in threepart
vocal harmonies reminiscent of both Appalachia and Medieval Europe. Harpeth Rising’s
sophomore album as a trio, Against All Tides, is proof that authenticity and complexity can live in
harmony. The songs crafted lyrically by Jordana Greenberg and arranged together with Maria Di
Meglio and Michelle Younger, the other trio members, are the vehicle by which the band has chosen to
add their voices to an ongoing fight for understanding and respect. www.harpethrising.com/

Dec. 17, Winter Wind/Jazz in June Collaborative Concert, Kyle Reid, 7:00 pm, $20

Kyle Reid leads the Low Swingin’ Chariots playing tunes that draw from New Orleans, Gypsy Jazz,
and Western Swing traditions. The group was chosen as “Winter Wind Members Choice” by vote of
the Depot members. Reid’s original tunes sound at once familiar yet new and exciting, blending
elements of these classic American forms with contemporary attitude. The low sonorous quality of
Reid’s voice is well balanced by the hot accents of the rhythm section and the sweet melodies of the
brass section.

Jan. 21, Winter Wind/Jazz in June Collaborative Concert, 7:00 pm, $20

Jeremy Thomas & Garrett Jacobson Organ ‘Duel’
As a jazz organist, Garrett Jacobson performs regularly at various jazz venues in the Oklahoma City
area. With his long awaited debut release on the Hammond organ, In The Moment, Garrett and his trio
offer up a set of tasteful originals and standards true to the jazz organ tradition. With tunes such as the
hard-swinging title track “In The Moment” and the greasy “Skillet Gravy”, Garrett’s bassline feel and
right-hand phrasing propels the group forward and creates plenty of memorable tracks.
Jeremy Thomas is a talented and versatile musician playing the Hammond B3 Organ, Drums, Piano,
Keyboards, Synthesizers, and the Bass Guitar. His passion for the Hammond B3 is evidenced by his
dynamic and energetic playing style. On the Jazz scene, Jeremy has toured and or performed with
Three time Grammy Nominee Jazz Organist, Joey Defrancesco, Four time Grammy Award winner
Arturo Sandoval, 6 time Grammy Award winner, David Sanborn, and Jazz Organist Tony Monaco,
among many others.

Jan. 28, Winter Wind, Honey Dewdrops, 7:00 pm, $20

Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish share more than most couples. As the Honey Dewdrops, they share
stages from venues to festivals across North America, stretches of rolling, infinite roadway, and a lot of
songs; they share one mic and a hunger to pay attention to what endures. This hunger to explore and
document is evident in their 2012 release Silver Lining, a Top Ten record on national Folk and
Americana stations. With tight harmonies and an musical ensemble that includes clawhammer banjo,
mandolin and guitars, the effect is to leave listeners with only what matters: the heart of the song and
clarity over ornamentation.

Feb. 11, Winter Wind, Quiles and Cloud, 7:00 pm, $20

When Maria Quiles (pronounced key-less, vocals and guitar,) and Rory Cloud (vocals and guitar) met
in 2011 at an open mic event, Rory remembers “As a lead guitar player, I could immediately hear
myself in her songs.” Several years of touring and spending nearly every day together allowed Quiles
& Cloud to develop a unique sound — one that is characterized by soulful melodies, close harmonies,
and interweaving guitar lines that owe as much to jazz and classical music as to folk and bluegrass.
Their sound has struck a chord with audiences all over the country. Acoustic Guitar has called them “a
compelling new voice on the Americana scene.”

Feb. 25, Winter Wind, Don Conoscentti, 7:00 pm, $20

Once a die-hard rocker, Don Conoscenti is one of the most respected musicians and acclaimed
songwriters in acoustic music. He is also a seasoned studio pro working as producer, composer and
multi-instrumental session player in an array of musical scenarios. His live performances are a soulful
fusion of styles blended from his experience playing rock, jazz, blues, folk, funk and country. But his
primary love is the landscape of storytelling. His recordings have been in the top 20 albums played by
folk and acoustic DJ’s worldwide. NPR, World Café and Acoustic Café have all spotlighted his music
and he has played some of the top venues and festivals in the U.S.

Mar. 4, Winter Wind/Jazz in June Collaborative Concert, Opal Fly, 7:00 pm, $20

Multi-instrumentalist Opal Fly is a Kentucky-born singer/songwriter whose music is firmly rooted in
tradition, yet her style transcends established genres. A fresh and original voice, the two time NWAMA
Songwriter of the Year first honed her talent playing on the streets of New Orleans. She has traveled
the world, developing her unique sound and exploring new musical territory along the way. “Ms. Fly is
an incredibly fresh yet beautifully timeless creative artist whose soulful vocal stylings and deeply
expressive saxophone playing are a joy to hear. She has shaped a repertoire that eloquently expresses
her singular musical personality and interprets her material with intensity and grace that is entirely her
own.” – John Sinclair (Poet, DJ, 60’s Radical)

Mar. 11, Winter Wind, Ellis Paul, 7:00 pm, $20

Some artists document their lives through their music. Others chronicle their times. It’s a rare artist who
can do both, telling their own story through songs that also encapsulate the essence of people and
places who have helped define their era overall. Ellis Paul is one of those gifted singer/songwriters.
Though some may refer to him as a folksinger, he is more a singular storyteller — a musician whose
words reach out from inside and yet also express the feelings, thoughts and sensibilities that most
people can relate to in one way or another. These are the scenarios that emerge from Ellis Paul’s new
album, Chasing Beauty, a set of songs which are a continuation of tales Paul has told for more than a
quarter century, over the expanse of nineteen albums, numerous critical kudos (15 Boston Music
Awards alone), inclusion in several movie soundtracks, and stages he’s headlined both near and far.

Winter Wind/Jazz in June collaborative concerts are made possible in part by grants from the Norman Arts Council and the Oklahoma Arts Council, and by numerous corporate and individual sponsors.

The Depot, located in the historic Santa Fe Train Depot, produces Summer Breeze, Winter Wind and Whistle Stop Concerts, Gallery Exhibitions, Second Sunday Poetry Readings, and manages the rental of the Norman Depot for weddings, meetings, parties and other events. The Depot, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to creating and presenting excellent and innovative fine arts programming for the enrichment and education of the community.

Jazz In June Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, preservation, and perpetuation of jazz and related musical forms. Jazz In June was founded in 1984 by the Norman Arts and Humanities Council and Cimarron Opera. The Jazz in June festival has since developed into a much-anticipated annual event, featuring three evenings of outdoor concerts, related artist clinics, public radio programs and public jazz and blues jam sessions attended by a total of some 50,000 people per year. Past performers include David Sanborn, Chuck Mangione, the Ellis Marsalis Quartet and Duke Ellington Small Band. ###